This kata is a "tools kata", intended to build muscle-memory for anyone who does not have mastery over maven, the command line, git, or jenkins configuration.


Be the winner of the robocode battle by creating a jenkins build that produces a jar that contains one or more robocode AIs.


  1. All coding and compilation must be done using command-line tools/editors.
  2. No copy+paste allowed (unless you're copying code that you just wrote as part of the current kata)
  3. There is a 20 minute time limit. All coding and jenkins setup must be accomplished within this space of time.
  4. You start from scratch ... no pom, no code, not even an empty git repository, no pre-existing jenkins build ... nothing!
    • Yes, that means you have to create a new git repo every time you do the kata
    • Yes, that means you have to create a new jenkins build every time you do the kata
  5. Jenkins
    1. The official battle will be launched by this tool ... any builds/classes that this does not detect are automatically disqualified.
      java -jar
    2. jobs must produce an 'archived' jar in order to be considered by the runner
    3. jobs must be named according to this pattern: robokata-YYYY-MM-DD-contestant. E.g. 'robokata-2013-06-26-stu'